Getting a Home is not an unreachable dream!

Kamoulakos Company who is active in the field of prefabricated homes since 1965 once again innovates and with the philosophy to address the economic crisis we are experiencing, manufactures energy efficient prefabricated homes with excellent construction quality and equipment at incredibly low prices and with the following advantages and benefits:


✓Lower costs up to 40% of the corresponding modular prefabricated houses energy formula!
✓ Completion of works and detailed inspection of construction in our own factory space.
✓ Energy efficient and ecological structures with great architectural design and aesthetics.
✓ Greater seismic protection due to compact connection frames!
✓ Installation in any plot.

✓ Faster construction time and delivery.
✓ Extension possibilities with very low cost for future needs.
✓ Retransfer ability (to another plot, flat roof, etc).
✓ Flexibility in house design.
✓ Selection of cabinets, flooring, joinery, painting etc.
✓ Possibility of choosing for semi-finished or complete delivery stage. (Information on delivery stages HERE)

Energy Efficient Prefabricated Houses

Enerfy Efficient Prefab Houses

Energy Efficient or otherwise called green homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption , greenhouse gas emissions and requirements for non-renewable energy sources . Simultaneously they provide healthy living conditions , and offer their owners significant savings compared to conventional constructions .

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Bioclimatic Prefabricated Homes

Sustainable architecture is the design of buildings, taking into account the specific climatic conditions of the place, and utilizing natural resources (sun, vegetation, rainfall, wind, etc.) and other renewable energy sources in order to save energy and reduces environmental impact.

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Household Photovoltaic

Lately there is much talk about home solar power systems as well as the environmental and economic benefits of installing them. Photovoltaic systems have many technical advantages that make them the best option for electricity production.

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Some of our Houses