Prefab House Prices

Prices of prefabricated homes and mobile homes


The price of a prefabricated house is determined by the following

Ισόγειο Προκατασκευασμένο Σπίτι 85τ.μ.A) Architectural drawing of house

B) Type of construction

C) Equipment of the house (select frames-closet-floor etc.)

D) Delivery stage

In our company there is the option for the client to choose at what stage of construction wants to take delivery of the house.

Semi-finished stage Delivery

In the semi-finished stage the buyer can choose to complete some of the works of the house on their own in order to have a significant reduction in the manufacturing cost.

Also this way the buyer has the ability to decide for themselves when to complete construction, gradually or completely the house, with the costs and the equipment of his preference.

Moreover, our company due to the friendly relationship and respect towards our clients can without any additional expense advise you and guide you on the ideal and economical way for completion of the remaining works.

Also another very important assistance we provide to our customers is that there is the opportunity to introduce you directly to our suppliers to obtain prices lowers than retail (e.g. tiles – kitchen – cupboards bedroom wardrobes) for completion of the work.

In the selection stage of semi-finished delivery, particularly in cases where the buyer’s property is at a long distance, the total economic benefit after the completion of works by the buyer can exceed 40%.

Completed Stage Delivery

In completed delivery stage the following are included:τιμες προκατ

Outdoor masonry
Internal masonry
Tile-roofed terraces
Visible roof or false
House interlinings
External / Internal frames
Electrical Installation
Paint jobs
Plumbing installation
Bathroom tiles-sanitary items
Kitchen Cabinets-bedroom wardrobes