Prefabrication Construction With Conventional Concrete Plaster

Prefabrication Construction With Conventional Concrete Plaster



Wooden frame

The building material with excellent mechanical property and durability offers unrivaled thermal insulation and protection against earthquakes, is non -toxic and ecological , covers the DIN 4074 and DIN 1052 standards is suitable for the entire planet and all climates .

Waterproofing membrane

A special membrane with high durability in all weather conditions which meets the standards EN1110 and EN12310. It offers excellent waterproofing and ensures absolute impermeability of the construction

Iraklitis Slabs

Fire Resistant insulating concrete slabs and wood fibers offering sound absorption, thermal insulation, soundproofing, excellent adhesion to betosova is not affected by moisture, chemical-free, with excellent response to fire due to mineralization of the cement.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Rigid material which has excellent thermal insulation and excellent soundproofing qualities, covers the standard DIN 18164 and is not affected by moisture . It is safe for the environment and humans, is non toxic as it is produced from polystyrene and lasts indefinitely because it does not decompose.

O.S.B. Wood Protection

Advanced rigid wooden plate of small pieces of wood bonded with special adhesives , acrylic synthetic resin , is Damp-proof , friendly to humans and the environment and meets the standards of CSA 0437 and CSA 0325.It offers better robustness in construction, has excellent mechanical properties and also protects and enhances the drywall coating.


It is a building material in rectangle shape made of gypsum core, very elastic, with very high resistance to earthquakes and with excellent insulating properties that meet the standards of DIN 18180. A modern material suitable for building interior walls that increases the insulation of construction and contributes to the excellent aesthetics of the final surface area.

Mineral Wool

In contrast to other types of insulation materials, mineral wool is an insulating material that simultaneously provides thermal, soundproofing and fire protection in buildings. Mineral wool comprises of silica – aluminum fibers, is a recyclable material, friendly to humans and the environment and has excellent thermal and sound insulation properties . It is incombustible and produced by melting rocks at 1550-1600 ° C. Has a coefficient of thermal conductivity ( λ) between 0,03 and 0,04 W / mK at room temperature as well as excellent insulating properties . It is incombustible and can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C.


Deposit removers reinforcement mesh of the base layer system of glass fiber insulation. It has high tensile strength and is friendly to humans and the environment. It is harmonized and meets the European Directive ETAG 004.

Conventional concrete plaster coating

Conventional concrete plaster on the outer surface of the wall in three layers. Priming initially with rough casted guides by adding fiberglass and special resins to increase adhesion, elasticity and tightness of concrete plaster. Finally coated with marble slabs of clients selection.


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