Energy Efficient Mobile Houses With Acrylic Plaster Construction

Energy Efficient Mobile Houses With Acrylic Plaster Construction


energy-efficient-acrylicWooden frame

The building material with excellent mechanical property and durability offers unrivaled thermal insulation and protection against earthquakes, is non -toxic and ecological, covers the DIN 4074 and DIN 1052 standards is suitable for the entire planet and all climates .

Mineral Wool

In contrast to other types of insulation materials, mineral wool is an insulating material that simultaneously provides thermal, soundproofing and fire protection in buildings. Mineral wool comprises of silica – aluminum fibers, is a recyclable material, friendly to humans and the environment and has excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. It is incombustible and produced by melting rocks at 1550-1600 ° C. Has a coefficient of thermal conductivity ( λ) between 0,03 and 0,04 W / mK at room temperature as well as excellent insulating properties . It is incombustible and can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C.


Plywood is a product globally used in building of boats because of the great resistance to moisture and also in constructions due to its exceptional insulating and mechanical properties in interior and exterior structures. Plywood is fully waterproofing because it is made of thin sheets of wood that are glued together in opposite directions for better endurance. Plywood is separated for internal and external use. This distinction has to do with the adhesives used to glue them. Plywood of exterior use are typically characterized by WBP (Weather and boil proof) which states that the glues used in their production are water-resistant.

Acrylic water-repellent primer

The acrylic primer has high adhesion and strong penetration. It penetrates the pores of the substrate and makes it fully waterproof while allowing its breathability. It is the proper preparation for the coating of acrylic thermosovas.

Acrylic Plaster

Damp-proof acrylic thermosovas with very high resistance to harsh weather conditions, at low and high temperatures and excellent insulating properties . Suitable for construction near the sea and is characterized by its strong adhesion and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It offers water-repellency to the construction and is also friendly to humans and the environment and resistant to alkalis. Eliminates the need to paint the surfaces of the building.