Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Below you can see some of our customer reviews after their house has been delivered.


Thank you for the excellent cooperation. In your company we have found the house of our dreams in the best quality and price possible. I wish you always have good business.

Kriparakos Panagiotis

Our Impressions

Excellent workmanship



Lower Cost

Earthquake Resistance

Material Selection

Good organization

Without exaggeration the above are some of your advantages that made us happy about our choice.

Without hesitation we will recommend you highly.

George – Anastasia and Fotini Paisxou

120 square meters

Greetings from the beautiful snowy Pelion

Dimitri from now on I consider you my friend. We have searched all Athens and in your company we found the best mobile house in quality and in a price we could afford.

Thank you for everything.

Georgiou Andreas and family.

After a careful search in the field of prefabricated house, I dare to recommend the company KAMOULAKOS because they understood from the beginning what we wanted, and made ​​my house just as I wanted and imagined.

Fully meets the modern energy Constructions and is the ideal company for anyone who wants an affordable prefabricated home that is elegant and functional.

Panagiotis Chiotis

                                                                                                         Ilion 22/6/11


We are very pleased with our home although you delivered it 8 days behind schedule.

Stratos Oikonomou

Ermioni Argolidas07-08-12

In 2007 we aquired a very nice plot near the sea and decided to fulfill a childhood dream that is we to construct our own holiday home.

As most of us so we were completely ignorant of the complex world of construction.

Initially, our biggest concern was whether should the construction of our home be in the classic way or prefabricated.

Having heard from time to time from several acquaintances the traumatic experiences from the construction of a traditional” home”, with incredible hardships and unforeseen expenses, we decided to investigate the option of prefabricated housing.

Thus, making through the internet initially a market survey, we visited one afternoon Kamoulakos Prefabricated Houses in Metamorfosis. There we met a young man who seemed that he really loves his job, with excellent knowledge of the subject, but also with respect to the client.

At the same time we saw samples of the work, the variety of designs and materials, and we were impressed of affordable prices making it easy decide.

With Mr. Dimitris willing to accommodate our requirements and constantly present to check all details, the end result justified us in the best possible way.

Mr. Kamoulakos, with this letter we feel the need to thank you for helping us to obtain a high aesthetics modern house with ecological materials in minimum time and most importantly without any fuss and anxiety.


Family of Nick Papoutsis

The slogan “to us the house is not an impossible dream” is a reality. With your impeccable professional help we found our home in perfect construction with the best financial offer of the market.

Alexiadou Eirini

George Nikolaou                                                                               Porto Heli 2013

Anna Hatzopoulou

To Kamoulakos Dimitris,

In such a difficult time.

The need to acquire a small country house that functions as a stress reliever and as an escape from everyday problems was for our family imperative.

Dimitri, I thank you from the bottom of our heart because with for your hard work and your professional consistency you made our dream come true without any hardship and the best possible result.

We will not forget that on 2/3/13 the concrete base was ready and on 27/3/13 our home was almost ready. We will also never forget how patient you were despite our constant questions and fears and how you tirelessly continued to reassure us and to give us answers for everything. We will not forget our joy and excitement when we saw the completed house.

We would like to thank the entire team (especially the civil engineer and foreman Mr. Christos) they did a great job, and we all have the best impressions. It is not accidental all the recommendations we’ve had for you.

We wish you health and we hope you continue with the same passion and love what you do

P.S. Please give our best regards to Mr.Vassilis.


After a lot of research we have concluded that the best option for the construction of our prefabricated house is the company Kamoulakos.

The beautiful architectural design that we were proposed and modern materials we selected and of course the affordable price along with the ease in payments you provided us left us completely satisfied. We will certainly recommend you without any hesitation to any interested party.

Thank you

Manos Drekolias

Antonis Tsaldaris, 17-01-2011

To Kamoulakos Prefabricated Houses,

A proverb says “people who are homeless, they are people with no future”

For each person and each family their home is synonymous with the warmth of hope and happiness.
It is lifetime dream!
Our lifetime dream took shape with the most ideal way thanks to you.

Our emotions are now housed in a house of unique quality and functionality. Our palace.
My dear friend Dimitris,

With this letter we want to tell you again a very big thank you for your compassion that is rare nowadays, your honesty and your professional responsibility that did not disappoint us and made ​​our dream come true!

I wish you health and happiness to you and your family and your honesty and your passion to continue to do people and families as happy as you did us.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Antonis & Ioulia Tsaldari

Without stress, without delays and most importantly at a very economic price we got bought a prefabricated mobile house from Kamoulakos company. It almost seems impossible but it is actually true that in two months we got our beautiful cottage that we fully enjoy the past four years.

Thank you very much Mr.Kamoulako

Vassilis – Lili Kyritsi

After much effort and research in prefabricated companies we decided to go with the company of Mr. Kamoulako because he listened very carefully to our needs and did not exploit our lack of knowledge about constructions. The end result was much more than we expected.

The staff and crews surprised us with their professionalism and speed. With Mr. Kamoulako coordinator giving immediate solutions to all our requirements, we implemented our dream easily and quickly.

Excellent cooperation and professionalism rare for a Greek company, if we could grade the company we would certainly give it an A’!!


Antonis & Giota Papadaki


To Kamoulakos Dimitris

Dear Dimitris,

I would like to personally thank you for meeting all my needs and the professionalism you have shown in you work. I feel the need to tell you that the consistency, the speed and all the terms of our agreement were fully satisfied.

The final result , a beautiful two storey house, leaves everyone speechless and makes us feel fully justified for our choice to go with Kamoulakos Prefabricated Houses.

P.S. Our invitation to visit us with your family still stands.


July 2009

Syrkos Konstantinos

To “Kamoulakos Prefabricated Houses”

Attention Mr. Kamoulakos Dimitrios,

Impressions from our cooperation

When me and my brother started market research for the construction of two cottage houses (that now have become our permanent residence) in Igoumenitsa we started with Kamoulakos company because it was close to our former residence. Our impression was very good but we thought it would not be wise to select the first one we saw and take as many offers from other companies as well. Finally after a lot of research in Attica (as well outside of Attica) we selected the best which was no other than Mr. Kamoulakos!!

There was no comparison between Mr.Kamoulakos and the other companies we have seen with regard to cost, quality and reliability. Quality construction at the lowest cost and stress free during all construction processes.

What made a good impression from the beginning was the plain and clear talk of Mr.Kamoulakos, the politeness and consistency from all the staff and crews involved in the construction of our homes.

All agreements were fully met. Delivery time was a record (good environmental conditions helped) and everybody in the area were surprised on how quickly such big and beautiful houses were built.

For the past 6 years we have recommended Kamoulakos company without second thought to whoever wants to buy a house for permanent residence or cottage.


Nick and Alexander Karabolas