Energy Prefabricated Homes

Energy Prefabricated Homes



Energy Efficient or otherwise called green homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption , greenhouse gas emissions and requirements for non-renewable energy sources . Simultaneously they provide healthy living conditions , and offer their owners significant savings compared to conventional constructions .

The benefits of energy houses are many. More specifically:

• The high thermal insulation and waterproofing indicators protect homes from moisture and temperature changes in the structure and give unlimited life time by minimizing the need for maintenance .
• The anti-seismic construction results in no damage in the event of a major earthquake in contrast to conventional constructions .
• In combination with the installation of photovoltaic systems makes them even more environmentally friendly and more economical for their energy requirements.

The company Kamoulakos meets all the requirements of green construction and delivers prefabricated houses and mobile homes with maximum energy efficiency.

Due to practices that offer excellent indicators insulation , sound insulation and waterproofing the prefabricated homes constructed by the company Kamoulakos are classified energy efficient of Class A + .