Household Photovoltaic in Buildings Construction

Household Photovoltaic in Buildings Construction



Lately there is much talk about home solar power systems as well as the environmental and economic benefits of installing them. Photovoltaic systems have many technical advantages that make them the best option for electricity production.

• The fuel of photovoltaics, sunlight is practically infinite, free, and especially in our country easily accessible. In fact, the earth receives enough energy from the sun in an hour to meet world energy demand for a year!
• Photovoltaic panels are highly reliable and require low maintenance even under adverse conditions and have an excellent safety record.
• Photovoltaic systems are very flexible, autonomous, and can produce any size loads. Watts for small electronic devices or even kilowatts for entire households.
• According to the Special Program for the Development of Photovoltaic Systems in buildings and particularly in roofs that began July 1, 2009 you can ensure stable tax free guaranteed income for 25 years selling the produced energy directly to PPC.
• They have a very short time and installation costs are covered entirely by the bank on presentation of the contract with PPC and can pay directly from their profits.

Photovoltaic systems is a green technology and has the potential to play an important role in the control of greenhouse gases and global warming Thus photovoltaic systems are a practical solution to the energy and economic crisis.

Kamoulakos Prefabricated Houses collaborates with leading companies in the photovoltaic sector, who with their expertise and continuous study on Technological developments can advise you how to take full advantage of the benefits of a photovoltaic system

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